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Currently only available and accepted at our Madison Area Locations

Gas Disount Card
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How does it work?

  • It works by connecting your U.S. bank checking account to your PDQ Gas Discount Card.
    This is done through the secure Online enrollment page.

  • Your PDQ Gas Discount Card will funtion similar to a debit card.

  • At the pump, the receipt will show the full price of the sale, not the discounted price you pay.

  • Each time you use your card, you will receive an email detailing the transaction and the discounted amount.

  • Your bank statement will also reflect the discounted sale price, not the amount shown on the receipt.

  • This is not a credit card. Enrolling does not affect your credit history.

  • Requirements are: a PDQ Discount Card, an email address, and you must be at least 18 years old.

  • The reward is the 3 cents savings you receive on every gallon!
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Is it safe?

  • PIN-based authorizations are required for every transaction.

  • You create your account PIN at enrollment.

  • Enrollment is performed on a secure, VeriSign compliant site.

  • Your information is verified to authorize debiting of your account in order to perform the PDQ Gas Discount Card payment transaction.

  • Your data will not be sold or disclosed to any third party companies.

  • We have contracted National Payment Card Association to issue the cards and process the transactions.

  • National Payment Card Association operates under the rules and regulations of the Automated Clearing House, the government's system that supports electronic transfers.

  • For more detailed information, please review the National Payment Card Privacy statement at: www.paymentcard.com/privacy.html
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How are we able to offer gas savings on every gallon?

  • PDQ Food Stores operate on low profit margins and a high cost of our operation is the credit card merchant fees. When you use a credit card at our store, PDQ Food Stores pays about 2% of the amount you spend to the credit card company, which is a very expensive fee.

  • When you choose to use the PDQ Gas Discount Card to pay for your transaction, it saves us money which enables us to offer gas discounts to you, our loyal customer, in a show of appreciation for your business.

  • We would rather reward you directly than pay the higher transaction cost to credit card companies.

  • It's a winning opportunity for both of us.
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Where can I get a card?

  • Visit any participating PDQ Food Store location and request one from the cashier.

Currently only available and accepted at our Madison Area Locations

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Enroll Your Card Today and Start Saving!

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